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CCTV has become an accepted tool to help reduce crime, protecting public spaces, transport networks, businesses and organisations of all kind.

CCTV Monitoring systems can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs ensuring that crime against people, theft and vandalism are subsequently reduced. When an incident does occur, CCTV recordings can provide valuable evidence, improving the likelihood of a conviction.


We provide CCTV camera solutions to fit all applications, both internally and externally; from the small corner shops to the office blocks, a hospital, port or public space.

Our CCTV systems include security lighting, access control, intruder and fire alarms. Here at VIP CCTV Monitoring Centre we can provide 24-hour monitoring with visual patrols or event driven observation, triggered by integrated motion or other sensors. Trained operatives can alert emergency services or initiate other procedures as required, ensuring a swift and appropriate response to any situation.

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Matthew Johnson

Absolutely amazing company to work for with a friendly and very experienced management team. You are always looked after and paid on time plus the pay reflects tour hard work. They also train you very hard and bring out the best in you. If you are looking to work in security or looking for security services then VIP is the company for you. You won't look back.

Liam Roberts

I've had nearly 2 amazing years with this company, and believe I'll never terminate my contract. Issues are dealt with promptly. Colleagues here aren't just colleagues, they're family. I could count the decent companies I've worked for on one hand, and VIP will always be the at the top of that list.

Suzi Banks

I have been working for this company just under a year amazing people once u start working there u join a huge family straight away that have your back at all times very professional love working for them.